Logo Rosso35

It began in 1973

ROSSO35 is an entrepreneurial story fully Made in Italy.

It began in 1973, when Maria Laura Dellepiane and Gianni Signorelli founded Silky, a company specializing in the sartorial production of women’s clothes.

Having made its mark nationally, around the start of the 90’s the company started looking to overseas markets, starting from Japan and extending to the whole of the Far East and to a number of areas around Europe, thus expressing that international attitude that has accompanied the company’s growth (international sales currently represent 80% of total turnover).

The ROSSO35 brand was launched in 2006

The arrival of the second generation, Luca and Paola Signorelli, consolidated the family’s continuity and strengthened the values of its founders, as well as its deep roots and close bond with local colors and nature.

The ROSSO35 brand was launched in 2006 with the aim of extending the company’s business beyond specialized production, and offer the public a complete and ongoing total look collection.

The world of ROSSO35 is one of grace and harmony. Its vision is the expression of a constant search for balance between classic and contemporary, timeless elegance and continuous style innovation. A philosophy backed by production that is 100% Made in Italy.