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Santoni is a family

Santoni is distinguished by an authentic humanism that is also the profoundly Italian essence of the brand. The importance of the single individual is at the center of the company’s philosophy. Santoni is a family. Enlarged, but united: a family, made up of 700 artisans, linked by human and true relationships. It is precisely the family structure that creates authenticity, and in this spirit Santoni strives for Beauty and invite customers to enjoy it, arousing positive feelings, raising the quality of everyday life, naturally. Business, art and family are one in Italy. Santoni is a virtuous example of this approach, elsewhere unrepeatable. It is a family business, rooted in the territory, which feeds on the genius loci to restore value, in turn, creating beauty.

santoni is a maker of beauty

Santoni creates beauty through the hands, relying on the unique knowledge, handed down for generations, of artisans who are artists at the same time. In Santoni, the hand is everything: it shapes, moulds, colors and finally gives an unrepeatable identity to every object. The hand is the reason why Santoni is a manufacturer. The hand creates objects that are real, designed to last over time while capturing the spirit of the time. Beauty is the result but also the process: a unique way of making things.